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Jeffrey Kollbrunner - Wildlife & Nature Photography
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Urban Red-Tails: The Queens Experience
Five week old Red Tail Hawk Baby in the nest.
Female Red Tail Hawk (Mama) collecting nest material to construct her nest on March 20, 2006, Queens, N.Y.
All photographs copyright 2000-2019 by Jeffrey Kollbrunner. All rights reserved. All unauthorized usage forbidden.
1/29/2008 Click here for a wonderful update from NYC Audubon and project images
regarding the famous Fifth Avenue nest of Pale Male and Lola.
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Hawkcam - Live Video of a
Queens, NY Red-Tailed Hawk Nest
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3/12/2008 PRESS RELEASE (click here) issued  by The Parks Department and NYC Audubon
regarding additional information on Pale Male and Lola's nest modifications, egg analysis and more...
Mission:Wolf's Ambassador Wolf Program made their first visit to Queens, NY on Sunday
October 26, 2008 at the Queens County Farm Museum educating nearly 1,200 people.
Ambassador Gray Wolf Maggie from Mission:Wolf
Ambassador Wolf Abraham from Mission:Wolf
Mission:Wolf's ambassador wolves Maggie and Abraham captivated their audience and had a very successful visit at
the Queens County Farm Museum educating nearly 1,200 people.
To read articles on Mission:Wolf's visit to Queens, click on the following links
 Queens Chronicle article 1, Queens
Chronicle article 2 and Times Ledger article.
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Hawkcam - A Nestcam with a Live 24 hour video Feed observing an active Red-tailed Hawk nest.
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Bald Eagles in Queens, New York.
I have observed Immature Bald Eagles in Queens, NY over the last six years dating back to 2008.
Since September 2014 we have two Mature Bald Eagles staying in the area. I photographed this
Mature Bald Eagle above in mid October 2014. Fortunately, it stayed around through March 2015
and it has been soaring on occasion with another Mature Bald Eagle, maybe a mate, time will tell.

As of October 2015 we have one Immature and two Mature Bald Eagles in the Mid-Queens area. It
would be a wonderful story if these majestic Birds of Prey would make a comeback in our Borough
similar to the success of the Red-tailed Hawk over the last twenty years. To date, as of February
2019 this pair Bald Eagles continue to call Queens, NY their home. If you are interested in local
birding treks, the potential to observe a Bald Eagle and my photography workshops please check
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Birding Treks and Photography
Gray Wolf,  Wolf Conservation Center.
Earlier works:
Photo by Jeff Kollbrunner, All rights reserved.
Winter birding 2019 is upon us!

I will be updating my Bird Watching Tours soon to visit local venues in NY. Join a group and
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Tour. Keep an eye out for my Snowy Owl treks to be scheduled starting in early 2019.
Birding - Winter Birding is upon us!!
Snowy Owl, Jones Beach State Park.
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NY Bird Watching Tours 2019 Coming Soon!
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Special Access Wolves Photography Workshop!
Wildlife & Nature: Photograph Live Timber Wolves and the Rare Mexican Wolves
Minimum 7 Participants, Cost $150 Dollars per participant, 2 Hour Workshop.
Date: November 13, 2016, 1:30pm to 3:30pm. All levels of expertise.
Pre-Registration Required.

Please click here to register at my on-line store for Wolves Photography Workshop.
Registration for this workshop is now closed.

Meet at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem NY located in Westchester County
about one hour from Queens, NY. We will photograph their ambassador wolves and be
provided special access to photograph the critically endangered Mexican wolves from
vantage points not generally available during normal visits all in a natural woodlands setting.
The session will provide two hours to a maximum of twelve participants including a brief
discussion on wolf conservation. We will learn about and photograph close-up one of the
most misunderstood and majestic species on the planet and the challenges they face today.
Photography instruction will be provided, we will apply learned techniques in the field with
personalized attention throughout the workshop while spending as much time photographing
the wolves as possible. Tripods and monopods are useful but are not a requirement. This
workshop is for all levels of expertise and will take place rain/snow or shine.