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Educational Slide Presentations:
My narrated educational slide presentations are designed for a wide variety of audiences and age
groups. The slide presentations range from 40 to 60 minutes in length depending on your program
requirements, followed by questions and answers.  

My presentations are perfect for, but not limited to:

  • Educational Systems as “in-house field trips” the presentations are customized to accommodate
    grade levels 5 through adult.
  • Environmental Centers
  • Hotel and Resort theme programs
  • Conservation Groups and Centers
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Photography Clubs
  • After School Programs, Clubs and Groups

Please do not hesitate to
please contact me here or email: Info@JKNatureGallery.com for any
questions, additional information, pricing and scheduling inquiries.
Presentation Overview:
Presentation Summaries:
The Urban Red-tailed Hawk

Wildlife photographer and urban hawk adviser to NYC Audubon Jeffrey
Kollbrunner presents an educational slide show. The program
discusses the biology and ecology of the Red-tailed Hawk adapting to
the urban environment. The presentation covers a full year in the in the
life cycle of a pair of Red-tailed Hawks, documented through field
observation and high resolution photographic images. Many of these
images have captured events in the life of Red-tailed Hawks that are
very rarely observed.
Native Americans: 21st Century Portraits

This presentation portrays Native American heritage in the 21st
century. Set to background music this narrated slide show of portraits
brings close the significance of the Pow Wow where tribal nations
gather from far and wide, to present-day Native Americans. A Pow Wow
provides an opportunity to communicate with old friends, make new
friends, and helps preserve culture and traditions through multilayered
activities focused on song and dance.
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Garden & Nature Photography

This program showcases a wide variety of beautiful high resolution
garden and nature images to just enjoy and relax or take away
knowledge to capture more powerful imagery on your own. We will
discuss simple techniques to produce beautiful photographs. See how
to take advantage of different times of day and lighting conditions to
obtain the best results. Understand and conquer why your photographs
may not always look as you observed, the colors are off, they apear too
dark or too bright, the result is not sharp and much more. I will also
share fun background stories on how some of the images in the
presentation were captured or took place being at the right place at the
right time.
Pale Male Nest Reconstruction

Pale Male, a famous Red-tailed Hawk in Manhattan living on a landmark
building on 5th Avenue and 74th Street for many years until his nest
was removed without warning. Learn about Pale Male's history as the
first Red-tailed Hawk to adopt the Upper East Side of Manhattan as his
home and how a world outcry helped to bring back his nest where he
continues to raise his family. Initial efforts restoring the nest failed to
produce chics for four years. Hired by NYC Audubon to document Pale
Male's nest from above my photographs assisted developing the
reconstruction strategy. We will discuss and see through my
photography the restoration efforts performed on Pale Male's nest as I
coordinated with a team of people on behalf of NYC Audubon to
complete all nest repairs.
Nesting Red-tailed Hawks Behavior & Conflicts

My field studies documenting the Red-tailed Hawk for over twenty two
years provided me the opportunity to photograph many nests. I have
been fortunate to capture imagery from unparalleled vantage points
providing an intimate view into the nesting behaviors and development
of Red-tailed Hawk chics. We will see chics in their first week and as
they develop over an eight week period, how the parent hawks raise
and provide for their young, to the young fledglings and their first
months out of the nest. I will speak to the challenges they endure and
overcome during the nesting process and as fledglings. Please join me
as we visit a place rarely observed in the wild, nesting Red-tailed Hawks.
All photographs copyright 2000-2019 by Jeffrey Kollbrunner. All rights reserved. All unauthorized usage forbidden.