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The youngster resting with Mama. Photo taken 5/13/09.
The youngster playfully bites Mama's talons. Photo taken 5/13/09.
An alert eyass resting in the sun. Photo taken 5/13/09.
The youngsters tail feathers are growing in nicely at five weeks of
age. Photo take 5/13/09.
The eyass is developing significant feathers and has beautiful eyes.
Photo take 5/13/09.
Week seven, the eyass still wet from the rainy night will fledge in
about five to seven days. Photo taken 5/29/09.
The eyass is exercising its talon. Photo taken 5/29/09.
An alert eyass watching its parents soar above the nest. Photo taken
The tail feathers almost fully developed. Photo taken 5/29/09.
The eyass playing with the twigs in its nest. Photo taken 5/29/09.
180 degree head rotation as the eyass sees Mama. Photo taken
Mama lands close to the nest for a short visit. Photo taken 5/29/09.
Mama (top) and Papa (bottom) soar together near the nest. Photo
taken 5/29/09.
Mama, looking closely you can see part of the band visible on her right
talon that she received about four years ago
. Photo taken 5/29/09.
Mama vocalizes to Papa as he approaches from the South. Photo
taken 5/29/09.
Mama soaring to the West of the nest. Photo taken 5/29/09.