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Photographic highlights of our Red-Tail Hawk family, Mama and Papa
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Papa delivers a mouse to his family, one of the youngsters takes the meal
for itself.
For a few minutes the entire family is present at the nest. The youngster
(left) is still interested in the mouse Papa just delivers a minute ago.
Mama appears to be kissing her little one.
The youngster in the center just woke up from a nice rest.
The entire family together this morning.
The youngsters have started feeding themselves this week
At five weeks old both siblings are getting stronger and more active in the
Papa spending time with his youngsters.
Yes, it's really a long way down...
You can just imagine the sibling on the left watching carefully and thinking
nice form.
It's always amazing to see how far a Raptor can rotate it's head...
Those wings are almost ready for flight, a few more weeks.
This photo is actually of the two youngsters. One is directly behind the other
totally hidden except for its flapping wings, creating an "angel wing" look on
its sibling in the foreground..
Another sign that these two siblings are very close.
This youngster is getting precariously close to the edge of the nest
while exercising its wings today.
Mama providing a meal (appears to be a baby bird) to her youngster.
Mama must be sitting on top of the camera from the expression on her
kids faces.
Getting some lift of this round of wing exercise as one leg is completely off
the nest.