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Photographic highlights of our Red-Tail Hawk family, Mama and Papa
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A pigeon is this afternoons meal.
The siblings are feeding themselves much more of late.
Stretching those wings
Flapping its wings this youngster obtained significant lift. Prior to snapping
this image this sibling was even higher as its talons were just barely in
sight. Thank goodness for a safe landing.
Another day of practice and some really great lift.
The siblings were playing with the left over wing of a pigeon.
With all the practice flapping its wings, it still is a long way down at the
edge of the nest.
Mama removes an uneaten rat from the nest, I assume she consumed it
for her meal.
Mama and her two youngsters
The two siblings working those wings together
A Chipmunk appears to be the meal this afternoon.
The youngsters examine the fresh branch with flowers that Mama delivered.
This youngster has already figured out the world is upside down.
One sibling gets lift and the other says thats far enough
Mama coming in for a landing with the fresh branch of flowers
The two youngsters watch as Mama takes off
The siblings stayed very close to each other for about ten minutes
today and toward the end of this time they rubbed beaks.
Both youngsters were very active this afternoon practicing their wing
movements. In this case very close to the edge of the nest.