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Photographic highlights of our Red-Tail Hawk family, Mama and Papa
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While Mama is shading her family this morning she appears to see
something that had her temporarily concerned, Mama stayed with her
I know I can... I think I can...  Maybe not this time...
This sibling really likes practicing near the edge. This part of the nest
actually extends out a few inches from the metal base the nest is
constructed on.
It is very difficult to determine any obvious differences between the two
siblings. They are almost identical.
Mama shielding her family from the morning sun.
Both siblings taking some time to preen themselves.
Something has caught this youngsters attention down below the nest.
Mama protecting her family from the early morning sun.
The youngsters starting to get active, they are warm and Mama seems
tired from protecting her family from the heat of the sun today.
Four minutes after the photo to the left was taken, Mama is panting from
the heat as she continues to protect her youngsters from the remaining
This youngster looks sad and alone as its sibling fledged the nest
moments before.
This youngster relentlessly started flapping its wings on many occasions
after it sibling left the nest. Maybe Firday will be its day...
Where did everyone go...?
Getting those wings ready for flight and building confidence..
Getting more lift...but this evening this youngster is still on the nest.
Early morning, no Mama providing shade today. Alone and waiting...
A fairly quiet day at the nest, not much activity flapping or otherwise.
A nice stretch on this very warm and lonely day for the remaining sibling.