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Photographic highlights of our Red-Tail Hawk family, Mama and Papa
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The glass on the camera housing blurred by a heavy rain shows the
youngster rain soaked and looking up as if to say when will it stop.
The glass starting to dry off a bit now. The youngster continues to play
with a branch keeping itself amused.
Papa delivering a small bird (in his beak) for lunch.
The youngster playing with a branch.
The youngster checks to see if Papa is far enough away to start eating as
it mantles over a meal delivered by Papa a few seconds earlier.
The housing glass now dry and clear, the youngster is also working at the
final touches of drying and preening its feathers after a very heavy rain.
Mama seemed to work on her youngster today to leave the nest. Between
12:50 and 1:30pm we had a fledging. The youngster is doing fine this
Papa arrived at the nest and the youngster mantled over its food and Papa
left immediately.
The fledglings are doing fine but it is still strange to see the empty nest
after watching them grow up all these weeks. We wish them well.
Mama offers her youngster a chipmunk this morning,
The youngster still mantling over its food after Papa left the nest.
New images of our red-tail hawk fledglings are being added
to the
Raptors photo gallery starting on page 4.