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Photographic highlights of our Red-Tail Hawk family, Mama and Papa
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Papa checking in on his family late this afternoon.
Mama feeding her young early this evening.
Papa landing on his nest this afternoon to see how his family is doing
Mama feeding her young after Papa left the nest.
Papa returns in the early evening to check on his family before he finds a
sleeping spot for the night.
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Papa returns to the nest to check on his family for the evening
Mama feeds her young as Papa takes off for a sleeping spot for the night.
Mama soaked from the heavy rain gets up to move around a bit during a
time of lighter rain.
Mama shakes of her rain soaked feathers
Mama still soaked even after she has given the rain a good shake.
Mama gives herself another good shake in an attempt to dry off from
todays heavy rains.
Papa comes to visit his family early this evening and brings Mama a mouse
for dinner. See next page photograph for a beak to beak transfer of the
Mama starts to feed her young late this afternoon.