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Photographic highlights of our Red-Tail Hawk family, Mama and Papa
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Mama takes a mouse from Papa that he has just delivered to their nest
this evening.
Papa takes off after bringing his family a meal for the evening.
Mama continues to try and dry off from the soaking rains.
Unfortunately, even after a good shake she is still very wet.
Papa landing on their nest with a food delivery late this afternoon.
Papa hands over what appears to be a pigeon that he started working on
The two parents check in on their young.
Mama stretching her leg and wing after Papa has left.
Mama still active after midnight and still working on drying off.
Mama checking our her you and stepping over them prior to feeding them
this afternoon.
Mama providing a small piece of food to one of her young.
Mama settled in and looking more comfortable and dry.
Papa (facing us) visiting the nest this afternoon while Mama (back to us) is
feeding their young. Papa did not bring any food with him on this visit.
Mama moving around and checking on her young.