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Photographic highlights of our Red-Tail Hawk family, Mama and Papa
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Papa takes off and her youngster tried very hard to be like Papa.
Mama (near) and Papa (far) check in on their family.
This little one was very busy today, all day it worked on using its wings...
This one is really trying hard to get those wings working.
The two siblings take a look around while their parents are away.
At about 18 days old this little one is getting big fast.
Mama building up the side of the nest as her family looks on.
Mama (left) and Papa (right) keep a close eye on their nest today.
Mama with her lively youngster.
One of the brief moments that Mama and Papa left the nest unattended
Mama with the stronger youngster as it flaps its wings.
This little one is growing very fast as it stands next to Mama it's hard to
believe it not even three weeks old yet.
The gentle caring of Mama.
Both youngsters with Mama
The two youngsters rub beaks.
The two youngster appear to be enjoying their company together.