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Photographic highlights of our Red-Tail Hawk family, Mama and Papa
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Our youngsters will be as big as Mama soon.
Mama providing a piece food for her youngster, she fed them for 35
minutes at this feeding.
The two siblings alert, getting big and keeping each other company.
Practice makes perfect.
The youngsters were very active in the nest today.
It won't be long before we see some lift...
The two siblings seem to enjoy each others company
They also appear to be very close to one another.
Mama spending time with her family
The youngsters were very active in the nest today
Mama removing the inedible portion of a meal keeping the nest clean
The youngsters keeping busy on their nest this afternoon
Mama picks up and removes an egg from her nest. Most likely the third egg
from her nest that either did not hatch or survive after hatching. The egg
was open (one and a quarter inch or so oval opening) across the long edge.
The two siblings putting their heads together...
The feathers are really filling in and the wings are getting larger.
Both youngsters ate well and have very full crops.