Pale Male & Lola Nest
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Pale Male and Lola nest, cradle & work day images Pages: [1] [2] [3]
Pale Male came to visit his nest while the work team
went back to the ground for a short time.
Work continues removing the pigeon spikes from the nest
Pale Male inspects the work in progress on his nest.
Pale Male takes off and proceeds uptown on Fifth
avenue landing on another building. He didn't seem
disturbed at all by the work in progress at his nest.
Work progresses on the removal of the pigeon spikes from the metal
support cradle of Pale Male and Lola.
The three collected 2007 nesting seasons eggs of Pale Male and Lola.
A view of Pale Male and Lola's nest from the street. The cables on
either side of the nest from the roof are for the scaffold system.
One of the scaffold workers has electrical tape applied to the back of his
helmet to represent eyes. A hawk typically will not attack when there is
eye contact.
Preparation continues on the scaffold. The "eyes" on the back
of the helmet are now in place.
More preparation work on the scaffold and cable system that will hoist
the workers to Pale Male and Lola's nest.
The scaffold starts it climb to the nest from the sidewalk of
Fifth Avenue below.
The workers use their feet to push the scaffold away from a
window railing so it can continue it's climb to the nest.
The Images posted below were taken earlier in the morning during the preparation stages:
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