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All photographs copyright 2000-2007 by Jeffrey Kollbrunner. All rights reserved. All unauthorized usage forbidden.
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Chief early this evening takes off to meet Papa as he delivered a rat
for dinner. Photo taken 7/9.
Mama sitting on an antenna as the sun started to set. Photo taken 7/9.
Mama (bottom left) flying and joined by Ivy (top right), they are about the
same size even though Ivy is much higher in the sky..Photo taken 7/12.
Ivy in a high speed stoop. Photo taken 7/12.
Ivy joins Papa on a lamp post from behind as Papa takes off to the
front. You can see Ivy is much bigger than Papa. Photo taken 7/12.
Mama enjoying the much cooler and nicer weather. Photo taken 7/12.
Ivy also enjoyed the nicer weather this afternoon. Photo taken 7/12.
Papa did not miss out on the wonderful day either. Photo taken 7/12.
Chief interested in movements under the shrub. Photo taken 7/13.
Chief notices a squirrel behind him on the ground. Photo taken 7/13.
Chief thinking about taking off and changed his mind. Photo taken 7/13.
Chief under the dark canopy of a mighty Oak tree takes off. Photo
taken 7/15.
Chief settles into Oak tree early this evening. Photo taken 7/15.
Ivy looking for a meal and being chased by a Mockingbird this
evening. Photo taken 7/15.
Chief keeping an eye out for a meal. Photo taken 7/15.
Chief finds a comfortable tree after being harassed by a Robin. Photo
taken 7/15.
After Ivy ate a Pigeon this afternoon she finds a nice quiet tree to digest
and rest. Photo taken 7/16.
Ivy stretching her wing this afternoon. Photo taken 7/16.
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