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All photographs copyright 2000-2007 by Jeffrey Kollbrunner. All rights reserved. All unauthorized usage forbidden.
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Ivy stretching her other wing. Photo taken 7/16.
Ivy checking out a squirrel. Photo taken 7/16.
Ivy takes off to an Oak tree a couple hundred yards away. Photo
taken 7/16.
Chief eating a Squirrel for dinner this evening. Photo taken 7/16.
Chief turning his head 180 degrees keeping an eye on the Robins
that were harassing him this late afternoon. Photo taken 7/17.
A Squirrel caught the attention of Chief. Photo taken 7/17.
Chief preening and stretching this afternoon. Photo taken 7/17.
Chief takes off for another tree and a mild attempt to catch a Squirrel.
Photo taken 7/17.
Chief being cute. Photo taken 7/17
Chief preening his feathers. Photo taken 7/17.
Chief takes a rest after chasing a Squirrel. Photo taken 7/20.
Chief spots another Squirrel and gets ready to take off. Photo taken 7/20.
Ivy and Mama enjoying a day in the sky together. Photo taken 7/24.
Ivy jumping to another branch to find cover from the Mockingbirds
that were harassing her. Photo taken 7/24.
Ivy soaring in the sky, you can see the many missing feathers on her
right wing probably from hunting in thick tree branches. Photo taken 7/24.
Ivy gliding by to rest in a tree. Photo taken 7/24.
Ivy taking a rest. Photo taken 7/24.
Mama soaring you can see her four tail feathers growing, two on the
outside and two near the middle. Photo taken 7/24.
Mama being chased by a Mockingbird this afternoon. Photo taken 8/2.
Mama enjoying the sky to herself. Photo taken 8/2.
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