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All photographs copyright 2000-2007 by Jeffrey Kollbrunner. All rights reserved. All unauthorized usage forbidden.
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This Squirrel was very relieved when Mama left the area this afternoon.
Photo taken 8/4.
Mama sitting on top of a very tall apartment building this afternoon.
Photo taken 8/4.
Mama high in an Oak tree looking down appearing to say hello. Photo
taken 8/12.
Mama just looking relaxed. Photo taken 8/12.
Papa loosing a feather while preening. Photo taken 8/12.
Papa scratching an itch on his back and his beautiful red tail. Photo
taken 8/12.
Papa and his glowing red tail. Photo taken 8/12.
Papa having fun running on a branch high in an Oak tree. Photo
taken 8/12.
Papa relaxing in an Oak tree this afternoon. Photo taken 8/18.
Papa stretching his wings after a long rest in an Oak tree. Photo taken
Papa exercising his talon and stretching his wing. Photo taken 8/18.
Papa watching me as I stretched my leg. Photo taken 8/18.
Papa notices the movement of a nearby Squirrel. Photo taken 8/18.
Papa takes off for a fly over his territory. Photo taken 8/18.
Papa taking in all that moves around as the sun hits his beautiful red
tail. Photo taken 8/18.
Papa checking for a meal. Photo taken 9/2
Papa sits with his meal prior to moving to another tree to eat. Photo
taken 9/2
Papa resting after eating. Photo taken 9/2
Papa moves to a higher branch to rest after he finished eating. Photo
taken 9/2
Ivy and Chief enjoying themselves flying together this morning. Photo
taken 9/5.
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