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All photographs copyright 2000-2007 by Jeffrey Kollbrunner. All rights reserved. All unauthorized usage forbidden.
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Ivy enjoying a beautiful cool day. Photo taken 9/5.
Chief gliding effortlessly. Photo taken 9/5.
Chief and Ivy playing/practicing their high speed aerial acrobatics.
Photo taken 9/5.
Chief taking it easy this afternoon. Photo taken 9/13.
Chief has numerous heart shaped plumage markings. Diamond and
teardrop patterns are more common. Photo taken 9/13.
Papa cleaning his beak after he ate a Pigeon. Photo taken 9/13.
Papa relaxing in the sun late this afternoon. Photo taken 9/13.
Chief watching me repositioning. Photo taken 9/13.
Papa watching a fly (the black speck just to the left of his beak) Photo
taken 9/13.
Papa digesting his meal this afternoon. Photo taken 9/13.
Papa tucks his talon into his chest. Photo taken 9/13.
Papa sees a Squirrel on a branch above him. Photo taken 9/13.
Papa appeared to yawn after he finished eating. Photo taken 9/13.
Papa scratches an itch. Photo taken 9/13.
Mama sitting in a tall tree this afternoon. Photo taken 9/21.
Mama soaring high in the sky before she went out of sight to the
West. Photo taken 9/21.
This is a migrating Osprey that stopped over at Jamaica Bay for a
rest and a good meal. Photo taken 9/24.
The osprey decided to find another spot to eat its meal. Photo taken
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