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All photographs copyright 2000-2008 by Jeffrey Kollbrunner. All rights reserved. All unauthorized usage forbidden.
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Papa just after he caught a Squirrel. Photo taken 9/29.
Papa just after he moved into his favorite area with his meal. Photo
taken 9/29.
Papa almost dropped his meal but regained control. Photo taken 9/29.
Papa surveying his options as to where he should eat his meal. Photo
taken 9/29.
Mama in search for a meal. Photo taken 10/12.
Mama delivering nesting material from an Oak tree to a new nest
location. Photo taken 10/12.
Mama enjoying the windy day. Photo taken 10/12.
Mama kissed by the sun. Photo taken 10/12.
Mama just after adding new material to her nest takes off for more
twigs. Photo taken 10/12.
Papa spots an intruder, a Peregrine Falcon that he escorts out of his
territory. Photo taken 10/13.
Papa returns from escorting out the Peregrine Falcon. Photo taken
Papa's red tail being kissed by the setting sun. Photo taken 10/13.
Ivy is still in the area, she visited us just after noon on Sunday. Photo
taken 10/14.
Mama soaring high in the sky. Photo taken 10/14.
Papa being harassed by a flock of Starlings. Photo taken 10/20.
Mama and Papa getting closer. Photo taken 10/21.
Mama and Papa appear to be having fun chasing each other in this
and the next two images. Photo taken 10/21.
Mama and Papa nearly as one. Photo taken 10/21.
A Cooper Hawk keeps an eye for a meal. Photo taken 12/8
Ivy takes to the sky to find a meal. Photo taken 12/24
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