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Mama & Papa on Christmas day spending time together as their pair
bonding instincts are getting stronger as the 2008 nesting season
approaches. Photo take 12/25.
There is not much space on this antenna mast for both of our hawks.
Photo taken 12/25.
They will give it a try, but just a second later Mama leaves for a more
comfortable spot. Photo taken 12/25.
Mama & Papa try again on a lampost that has much more space for the
two of them. Photo take 12/25.
Here we go again... Photo taken 12/25.
This seems to be working much better than that other poll. Photo
taken 12/25.
Now the pair can sit comfortably together and get some warmth from
the heat the lamp is generating on this cool day. Photo taken 12/25.
After completing his meal Papa takes off to the West. Photo taken
Papa enjoys a mid-afternoon meal on a chimney screen on top of a
six story apartment building. Photo taken 1/27/2008
Ivy enjoying a beautiful day. Photo take 2/3/2008
Mama flying near last seasons nest. Photo taken 2/11/2008
Mama continues on as the sun touches her beautiful Red-Tail. Photo
taken 2/11/2008
Mama and Papa sit together in their favorite tree. Pair bonding is
strong as this time of year. Photo taken 2/11/2008
Papa keeping an eye on things. Photo taken 2/11/2008
Mama in her favorite tree. Photo taken 2/11/2008
Papa finds his balance as he returns from a short flight. Photo taken
Papa vocalizing, shortly after Mama joins him as they fly together in the
next image to the right. Photo taken 2/16/2008
Mama (bottom) and Papa (top) fly together just before copulating, next
images. Photo taken 2/16/2008
Mama landed on the antenna and Papa circled behind landing on top
of Mama. Photo taken 2/16/2008
Mama and Papa continue to copulate, note Papa's Red-Tail moved up
and out of the way just under his wing . Photo taken 2/16/2008
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