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Mama and Papa continue to copulate. Photo taken 2/16/2008
Mama (left) and Papa (right) after copulation. Photo taken 2/16/2008
Papa spots a meal and takes off directly in front of Mama. Photo taken
A beautiful moon was out late this afternoon. Photo taken 2/16/2008
Mama enjoying the day soaring. Photo taken 2/21/2008
Papa landing on one of his favorite lamp posts. Photo taken 2/21/2008
Mama continues soaring. Photo taken 2/21/2008
A total eclipse of the moon. Photo taken 2/21/2008
Papa on his approach to land. Photo taken 2/24/2008
Papa once again lands on his favorite lamp post. Photo taken
Mama brings a fresh branch to show Papa prior to delivering it to their
nest. Photo taken 2/25/2008
Mama blanketed in the warm glow of the sunset. Photo taken
Mama lands on a pine tree to obtain a fresh branch for her nest.
Photo taken 2/29/2008
Later in the day Papa checks out the construction progress of the new
nest (His head located center of image). Photo taken 2/29/2008
An immature Cooper hawk, appeared to be a male less than 100
yards from Mama & Papa's nest. Photo taken 3/2/2008
Mama late in the afternoon on top of an apartment building chimney.
Photo taken 3/2/2008
Papa bites on a branch after copulating. Photo taken 3/3/2008
Mama & Papa copulating mid-afternoon. Photo taken 3/3/2008
Mama now sits on her egg(s) in her new nest in a mature white pine
tree approx 60 feet up, she produced her first egg either 3/4 or 3/5.
Photo taken 3/6/2008
Mama gets up to chase off an approaching squirrel. Photo taken