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The side of Mama's face just visible between the white pines located in
the center of the red box. Photo taken 3/15/2008.
The nest outlined in the red box high up in the white pine tree. Photo
taken 3/15/2008.
A wider perspective of the nests height (outlined in the red box). This
image shows approximately the top half of the white pine trees
majestic height. The nest is at least 60 feet off the ground maybe
higher. Photo take 3/15/2008.
Ivy visits close to her parents nesting site that is located a couple
hundred yards to the West. Photo taken 3/24/2008
Papa standing watch over his nest located one tree to the East. He
was not concerned with the Squirrel sneaking down the tree behind
him. Photo taken 4/16/08.
Papa had a meal stored in a tree about 50 yards from his nest. Late
this afternoon he went to retrieve and deliver it to Mama. Photo taken
Papa scratches an itch and continues to guard his nest while Mama is
out and about. Photo taken 4/17/08
After sitting on this tree for brief moment Papa delivers the branch to
his nest, neatly places the new material and checks on his family
before sitting in a nearby tree to stand guard. Photo taken 4/17/08.
Papa breaks off a branch with shredded wood and proceeds to the
next tree for a good approach into his nest. Photo taken 4/17/08.
Mama now standing up on the rim of the nest bowl, the last two days
she has been nesting higher in the bowl. It appears we have a hatch
based on their behavior the past few days. Photo taken 4/18/08
Mama continues to stand on the rim of the nest. Photo taken 4/19/08.
At 4:27pm we observed our first sighting of an eyass in the nest, see
the head and eye in the red box, it is looking to out to the left. The white
area to the right of the red box is not a baby. Photo taken 4/21/08
This image of the eyass shows it flapping its tiny wing. The head and
beak is looking out to the left and the wing is located slightly to the
right inside the red box. Photo taken 4/21/08.
A slightly more visible image of the eyass's head, eye and beak
looking out to the left. It continues to flap its tiny wing. Photo taken
Mama continues her stretching routine. Photo taken 4/25/08.
Mama stretches her wing after sitting for a long time, she protects her
family watching them from a neighboring tree. Photo taken 4/25/08.
Inside the red box the head and part of the neck of the eyass can be
seen, it's looking to the right toward Mama in the neighboring Oak tree.
Photo taken 4/27/08.
Mama sitting near her nest early this afternoon on a very overcast and
damp day. Photo taken 4/27/08.
Mama takes over for Papa watching her family from the same Tulip
tree. Photo taken 4/30/08.
Papa watching over his family from a neighboring Tulip tree just to the
West of his nest. Photo taken 4/30/08.