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Mama and Papa watch their nest from high above on a very tall
apartment building antenna. Photo taken 5/3/08.
The youngsters are getting larger and more easy to see in the nest.
One of them can be seen in the red box. Photo taken 5/03/08.
Papa (left) delivers food to his family, two of the youngsters can be
seen in the red boxes. Photo taken 5/5/08.
Mama and her youngster see Papa as he is about to deliver food to
the nest. Photo taken 5/7/08.
Mama with all three of her youngsters sitting around her, two on her
left and one on her right. Photo taken 5/7/08.
Mama sits proudly with one of her very alert youngsters. Photo taken
Mama keeping an eye on her nest. Photo taken 5/11/08.
One of the three youngsters looking down from the nest. Photo taken
A Tulip tree bud in Mama's favorite tree to observe her nest. Photo
taken 5/23/08.
All three youngsters in the nest, the third is sitting low on the right
side. Photo taken 5/23/08.
Two of the maturing youngsters sitting in the nest. Photo taken
Exercising its wings the youngsters are getting most of their feathers.
Photo taken 5/14/08.
The eldest eyass sits in the front center of the nest. Photo taken
Nearly ready to fledge this appears to be the eldest eyass. Photo
taken 5/24/08.
Two of the youngsters appear close to fledgling. Photo taken 5/28/08.
Mama and Papa on their favorite tall apartment building antenna.
Photo taken 5/28/08.
The youngsters taking it easy. Photo taken 5/29/08.
Fledgling one flexing its talon. Photo taken 6/1/08.
Fledgling one looking down from a Maple tree. Photo taken 6/1/08.
Fledgling one on its first day out of the nest. Photo taken 6/1/08.