Fledgling two spots a Squirrel moving about on the ground. Photo taken

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Fledgling two looks alert as Mama enters the area with food for her
family. Photo taken 6/10/08.
A close up of the third fledgling resting on the dirt hill. Photo taken
The third fledgling (upper right corner) keeping cool resting on the
ground on a dirt hill. Photo taken 6/10/08.
The second fledgling resting in the shade and keeping cool by
panting. Photo taken 6/10/08.
The first fledgling with a meal provided by Mama a few minutes earlier.
Photo taken 6/10/08.
Not to be outdone fledgling two is also looking its best. Photo taken
Fledgling three looking very cute. Photo taken 6/11/08.
Fledgling three taking it easy in the late afternoon. Photo taken
Fledgling two spots a Squirrel. Photo taken 6/12/08.
Fledgling one vocalizes to let its siblings know they cannot share this
meal just yet. Photo taken 6/12/08.
Mama keeping an eye on her family, her band attached a few years
ago is clearly visible in the sunlight. Photo taken 6/12/08.
Fledgling one spots an insect on the branch. Photo taken 6/12/08.
Fledgling three hoping to figure out how this fountain provides a
drink of water... Photo taken 6/14/08.
Fledgling three finds a small puddle to cool off in on this hot day.
Photo taken 6/14/08.
Fledgling one relaxes after eating. Photo taken 6/14/08.
Fledgling one eyes a Squirrel but decides to stay put in the cool
shade. Photo taken 6/18/08.
In a very shady area Fledgling one keeping an eye on things late in the
afternoon. Photo taken 6/18/08.