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Within one hour of this image all three Robin youngsters became a
meal for each of the three fledglings. Photo taken 6/19/08.
Papa in a major stoop at almost a 90 degree angle to the ground
targets some Pigeons. Photo taken 6/19/08.
Papa very actively hunting takes a rest for a few minutes but he hears
or sees something. Photo taken 6/19/08.
Mama shakes off after preening herself. Photo taken 6/19/08.
Fledgling one rests for a while after having a meal. Photo taken
Fledgling two is provided his meal for the afternoon. This is one of the
baby Robins seen in the Robin nest image above. Photo taken 6/19/08.
A very warm and beautiful day. Photo taken 6/19/08.
This Squirrel covers up with his tail, remained still for twenty minutes
and hoped that Papa doesn't see him. Photo taken 6/19/08.
On my search for the fledglings I spotted some beautiful fungi
growing on a tree trunk. Photo taken 6/19/08.
Fledgling two spots a squirrel on the ground. Photo taken 6/19/08.
Fledgling one decides to join fledgling two. Photo taken 6/20/08.
Fledgling two catching a snooze in the Pine tree opposite its nest.
Photo taken 6/20/08.
Fledgling two taking it easy. Photo taken 6/20/08.
Fledgling three watches its sibling eat the remnants of the meal that
they were sharing together. Photo taken 6/20/08.
An Egret flies overhead while we observe our hawk family. Photo taken
Fledgling two takes off after a Squirrel. Photo taken 6/20/08.
Fledglings one and two greet each other. Photo taken 6/20/08.
Fledgling one starts to preen. Photo taken 6/21/08.
Fledgling one calling out to its parents for food. Photo taken 6/21/08.
Fledgling one soaring in the Eastern section of its territory. Photo
taken 6/21/08.