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A Kestrel flies overhead chasing Papa. Photo taken 6/21/08.
Fledgling two vocalizing for food. Photo taken 6/21/08.
Mama soars overhead. Photo taken 6/21/08.
Mama and Papa sit on their favorite tall apartment building antenna
watching their family. Photo taken 6/21/08.
Fledgling three resting mid afternoon. Photo taken 6/25/08.
Fledgling one takes off to be with one of its siblings. Photo taken 6/25/08.
This Squirrel was startled when fledgling one landed just above its
head. The fledgling didn't see the Squirrel as it stayed completely
still. Photo taken 6/25/08.
Fledgling three spots some movement on the ground. Photo taken
Fledgling two (left) attempting to get a snack from fledgling one
(center). Photo taken 6/25/08.
All three fledglings photographed for the first time together since they
left the nest. Photo taken 6/25/08.
Fledgling one decides to follow Papa as he flies off to the West with
his meal, a small bird. Photo taken 6/27/08.
Papa keeping an eye on things. Photo taken 6/27/08.
Fledgling one sitting near the ground with a very colorful tree in the
background. Photo taken 6/27/08.
Fledgling one lands as Papa takes off with his meal that he wasn't
sharing today. Photo taken 6/27/08.
Fledgling three biting the bark on the branch. Photo taken 6/27/08.
Mama sitting proudly watching one of her fledglings in the
neighboring tree. Photo taken 6/27/08.
Fledgling three looking spectacular. Photo taken 6/27/08.
Fledgling three watching a Squirrel on the ground. Photo taken