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Fledgling two (in the next seven images) found a puddle to cool off in
where it stayed for almost an hour. Photos taken 7/18.
Fledgling two sits on a chain link fence watching for a rodent.
Photo taken 7/18/08.
The first fledgling flips over, flying upside down shows off its flying
prowess. Photo taken 7/19/08.
The first fledgling enjoys the occasional wind gusts on this very warm
afternoon it soars effortlessly. Photo taken 7/19/08.
Fledgling two spots some small birds and a Pigeon on the ground.
Photo taken 7/19/08.
Fledgling two tries to stay cool. Photo taken 7/19/08.
Papa appears to be feeling better after expelling some extra food.
Photo taken 7/20/08.
Papa coughs up some undigested food as he probably overate.
Photo taken 7/20/08.
Once again fledgling one uses it ability to fly upside down as the two
show off their aerial acrobatics having fun together. Photo taken
Fledglings one and two spend time soaring. Photo taken 7/20/08.
Papa relaxing in the same tree. Photo taken 7/24/08.
Mama relaxing this afternoon in a tree enjoying th shade. Photo
taken 7/24/08.