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The third fledgling rests in a tree for a brief moment. Photo taken
Fledgling three soars high in the sky. Photo taken 7/24/08.
A flock of Starlings chases after the third fledgling, one starling is
riding on the fledglings right wing. Photo taken 7/24/08.
Fledgling three comes in for a closer look. Photo taken 7/24/08.
Fledgling three finds a very shady tree to spend the afternoon resting.
Photo taken 7/25/08.
This Coopers Hawk was very busy flying around today, it finally rested
long enough for me to get its photograph. Photo taken 10/18/08.
The Coopers Hawk stayed on this branch for a few minutes so I was
able to get an image from its front side. Photo taken 10/18/08.
This little guy stays motionless on top of a telephone post located only
a few yards away from the Cooper's hawk in the previous two images.
Nobody got hurt. Photo taken 12/05/08.
The same Cooper's hawk as the previous image taken from a different
angle. Photo taken 12/05/08.
A juvenile Cooper's Hawk sitting in a tall Cedar tree in the central
section of Mama and Papa's territory. Photo taken 12/05/08.
Mama sits on an antenna located on the roof of an apartment building.
Photo taken 12/03/08.
A Kestrel soars in the central section of Mama and Papa's territory.
Photo taken 12/01/08.
Just before darkness and in very flat lighting a juvenile Cooper's Hawk
rests in an Elm tree after eating. Photo taken 11/21/08
A mature Cooper's Hawk eats a meal in a large Elm tree in the central
section of Mama and Papa's territory. Photo taken 10/29/08.
The new juvenile Red-tailed hawk in the Eastern section of Mama
and Papa's territory. Photo taken late afternoon in very flat light on
Papa, just after he finished a very late afternoon meal (a small rat).
Photo taken 12/13/08.
Now Mama spots the Squirrel and gives it one of her looks. Photo
taken 12/13/08.
After Mama flew off to a Pine tree the Squirrel is interested in the
remnants of her meal. Photo taken 12/13/08.
Mama hears something nearby, a Squirrel was approaching behind
the tree trunk. Photo taken 12/13/08.
Mama resting after she ate a Pigeon in the mid-afternoon today.
Photo taken 12/13/08.