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And off it goes with the left over of Mama's meal. Photo taken 12/13/08.
The Squirrel grabs the remnants of the Pigeon. Photo taken 12/13/08.
The Squirrel approaches from another angle. Photo taken 12/13/08.
Mama as she flies off to the West in the late morning. Photo taken 1/15/09.
Mama after a short flight sitting in a Tulip tree near last season nest.
Photo taken 1/25/09.
Mama shakes her feathers after resting for a while. Photo taken
Mama watches Papa in a nearby Pine tree eating a Squirrel. Photo
taken 1/25/09.
Papa starting to eat a Squirrel he caught moments earlier. Photo
taken 1/25/09.
Papa continues to eat his meal. Photo taken 1/25/09
Papa sitting in one of his favorite Tulip trees. Photo taken 1/25/09.