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Mature Cooper Hawk 2/10/2007
Mature Cooper Hawk 2/10/2007
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Papa, Red-Tail  Hawk 2/11/2007
Papa, Red-Tail  Hawk 2/11/2007
Fledgling number two left the nest 6/5 around 1pm landed very close
to the roadway. Photo taken 6/5.
Now on the sidewalk it seems a bit confused with all the road noise
and pedestrian traffic in the area. Photo taken 6/5.
It found a slightly safer area to sit, however, just below is the
expressway. Photo taken 6/5
This is more like it, cooler, lots of food, away from the vehicles and
well protected the youngster stayed here for the evening. Photo taken
Thank goodness this is a parked car. The youngster turned and
headed back to the walkway, otherwise we would have had to stop
traffic until it was safe. Photo taken 6/5.
Still trotting along the fledgling found some comfortable dirt for
under its feet. Photo taken 6/5.
Working its way to the safety of dense trees it sat on top of a traffic
sign for a while. Photo taken 6/5.
The first to fledge on May 31st looks on from the roof it has claimed
for itself, it is looking in the direction of its sibling that is sitting in the
dense tress a couple hundred feet away. Photo taken 6/5.
The second fledgling sitting on top of a tall apartment rooftop. Photo
taken 6/6.
Mama flying high over her fledgling making sure all was fine. Photo
taken 6/6
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