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All photographs copyright 2000-2007 by Jeffrey Kollbrunner. All rights reserved. All unauthorized usage forbidden.
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The first fledgling resting on the top ledge of a building taking in the
sun. Photo taken 6/7.
A few minutes later the second fledgling flew to an area of  weeds
this afternoon chasing bugs. Photo taken 6/7.
The second fledgling walking through heavy ground cover looking to
jump onto the wall. Photo taken 6/7.
Once on the wall it hears the rodents running around under the
shrubs. Photo taken 6/7.
The second fledgling flies around the corner from the previous images
and lands on the roof rack of an SUV. Photo taken 6/7.
The second fledgling found in heavy ground cover walked around the
area awkwardly. All is fine we just need to leave the youngster alone
to learn on its own.. Photo taken 6/7.
It appeared to be eating insects. Photo taken 6/7.
A small hop and one graceful perfect step later it was on top of
the small retaining wall. Photo taken 6/7.
Another small hop and not so gracefully the fledgling sank into the
shrub for a few seconds and the flew to another spot. Photo taken 6/7.
Mama and Papa watching their family from the top of a very tall
building. Photo taken 6/7.
The first fledgling on the same building ledge as yesterday. Photo
taken 6/8.
Mama keeping a close eye on her fledglings. Photo taken 6/8.
The first fledgling, very vocal today as he looks over and speaks to
Mama. Photo taken 6/8
Mama keeping an eye on fledgling #2 about 300 yards East of
the nest.
Photo taken 6/9.
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