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All photographs copyright 2000-2007 by Jeffrey Kollbrunner. All rights reserved. All unauthorized usage forbidden.
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Fledgling 1 barely noticeable on the ledge of the roof he has claimed
for himself the last few days. Photo taken 6/9.
The first fledgling make a short flight over to see what Papa is eating
only 30 feet away. Photo taken 6/9.
Papa eating a bird a short distance from fledgling #1. Photo taken 6/9
Fledgling #1 starts to move about interested in what Papa is
eating. Photo taken 6/9.
Mama still watching her second fledgling on the roof line of a 6 story
apartment building. Photo taken 6/9.
Papa just landed on the railing with a rat for dinner, the second
fledgling flew to Papa and took the rat from his talons. Papa takes off
with blood still on his talons from the kill. Photo taken 6/10.
A squirrel hidden just behind the trunk of the tree challenges the first
fledgling. The squirrel had a nest in this tree. Photo taken 6/10.
The first fledgling spent most of his time in th trees today apparently
enjoying the abundant prey all around. Photo taken 6/10.
A squirrel captured the first fledglings attention on the ground. Photo
taken 6/10.
Relaxing the first fledgling was exercising its right talon. Photo taken
The first fledgling intently watching the squirrels late this afternoon.
Photo taken 6/11.
Taking a moment to scratch an itch. Photo taken 6/11.
This nice new set of talons belongs to our first fledgling. Photo taken
A few more moments to preen. Photo taken 6/11.
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