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All photographs copyright 2000-2007 by Jeffrey Kollbrunner. All rights reserved. All unauthorized usage forbidden.
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The first fledgling very alert today made a number of attempts to
catch its own food. Photo taken 6/11.
The first fledgling exercised its talon briefly before it tucked it into
its feathers for a rest.
The two fledglings together for the first time since they left their nest.
They looked at each other like this many times. Photo taken 6/12.
The two fledglings getting closer and reacquainted after being
apart from each other since May 31st. Photo taken 6/12.
Mama keeping a close eye on her fledglings, sitting just 10 feet
away from them on the same tree. Photo taken 6/12.
The second fledgling on the ground chasing a squirrel. Although not
exactly a safe thing, it is normal for the fledglings to roam on the ground
on occasion the first 7-10 days out of the nest. Photo taken 6/12.
The second fledgling interested in a squirrel not very far away. Photo
taken 6/12.
The second fledgling continues to be taunted by an elusive squirrel
decides to mantel over a vine on the ground instead. Photo taken 6/12.
That squirrel got away one more time, the fledgling is learning running
on the ground will make it difficult to catch a squirrel. Photo taken 6/12.
The second fledgling taking a break from chasing squirrels
late this afternoon. Photo taken 6/12.
Still curious the second fledgling notices another squirrel but decides
to take a rest. Photo taken 6/12
The two siblings take turns getting closer to one another late this
afternoon. The first fledgling is on the left. Photo taken 6/12.
Mama staying with her youngsters as Papa watches from a distance.
Photo taken 6/12
The two siblings still checking each other out with strange posturing.
They seemed very comfortable back together. Photo taken 6/12.
The second fledgling on the ground in pursuit of a squirrel that took
cover in time under a thick shrub. Photo taken 6/12.
The second fledgling relaxed and taking in all the sites and sounds of
his new environment. Its sibling sat above on the roof. Photo taken 6/12
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