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All photographs copyright 2000-2007 by Jeffrey Kollbrunner. All rights reserved. All unauthorized usage forbidden.
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A gloomy day for photography, the first fledgling sitting on top of a
parking sign. Photo taken 6/13.
The second fledgling in an oak tree, both siblings joined each other
on a nearby roof for a meal delivered by Mama. Photo taken 6/13.
The fledgling was enjoying the day in a Cherry tree. All photos taken
today 6/14 are the first fledgling.
The fledgling was relaxing, scratching an itch late this afternoon. It sat
in this Oak tree for two hours. Photo taken 6/14.
Prior to taking a short flight the fledgling stretches its wing. Photo taken
The fledgling took some time to preen while it was relaxing in an Oak
tree. Photo taken 6/14.
Some movement on the ground caught the attention of the fledgling
as it moved about in a few Cherry trees. Photo taken 6/14.
Enjoying some quiet time in an Oak tree late this afternoon. Photo taken 6/14.
The first fledgling relaxing in the late afternoon. Photo taken 6/15.
The second fledgling enjoying the sunset. Photo taken 6/15.
The second fledgling has its eye on a squirrel. Photo taken 6/15.
The second fledgling was very alert today watching and chasing
squirrels. Photo taken 6/15.
Fledgling one spent most of the hot afternoon in the shade to keep
cool, for a brief time it sat here watching pigeons. Photo taken 6/16.
The second fledgling also found a shady spot high in an Oak tree.
Neither of the young hawks were very active midday. Photo taken 6/16.
The first fledgling spots a squirrel and takes off but did not make a
catch. Photo taken 6/17.
The first fledgling appeared to be yawning, no sound or pellet. Photo
taken 6/17.
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