2009 Red-Tailed Hawk News
Archive August 1, 2009 - August 31, 2009
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August 9: We found Papa late this afternoon near last seasons nest. He was hunting for a meal from a number of different
trees. We had to leave when the rains came.
August 17: We spotted Papa briefly today in a high speed stoop to the Northeast.
August 22: Our hawk family has been very difficult to find this month, today we found Mama sitting on an antenna on one
of her favorite tall apartment building rooftops. We didn't see Papa or the fledgling.
August 24: Papa was keeping a close eye on an Osprey that was passing through his territory late this morning.
Eventually the Osprey moved on and Papa returned to the central section of his territory.
August 29: Mama and Papa were sitting together for a short time around 4:45pm, Papa then flew off to a tree to the East
around 5:45pm. At 6:30pm we spotted an Osprey flying to the West, Mama and Papa didn't seem disturbed by it being in
their territory. Once again this month our hawk family was very difficult to find and we had very few sightings of the
fledgling, it seems to be drifting to the Eastern section of its parents territory. The last half of the month of June, July and
August news updates were posted on 10/6, I will continue to update the months of September and October shortly.