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March 1. We did not search for our hawk family today.
March 2. We did not have much time to search for our hawk family today. Mama was enjoying the day
flying high over her territory near and around her nest site.
March 3. Mama and Papa mated three times today on top of multiple apartment building roof antennas
over a  two hour period. They also shared a meal together, Papa waited for his turn as Mama ate first and
then let Papa finish the meal that appeared to be either a rat or a squirrel. Papa later in the afternoon
collected more branches for nest material and placed the fresh twigs in the nest. At one point the two were
flying together when Mama was attacked by a crow. The aerial display lasted a couple minutes when the
crow decided to leave the area - nobody got hurt. Papa was searching  for a late afternoon meal when we
headed home for the day as the sun went down for the night. Over the last week both Mama and Papa
have been spending significant time around the proximity of their nest site.
March 4. We observed Mama and Papa for a short time today. Papa was watching for a meal sitting on top
of a lamp post near his nest site. Mama was sitting on top of a local office building near the NW section of
their territory. Shortly after spotting her she flew off to be with Papa. After a while they moved to a tall
apartment complex in the center of their territory and mated on the chimney. Papa flew off a few minutes
later and returned with a meal to share with Mama. They both stayed and ate at this location for over an
hour. As night approached they flew off for the evening. Mama is on her favorite sleeping spot for the
night, we could not find where Papa is sleeping.
March 5. Mama and Papa spent most of the time we observed them flying in the area of their nest site. A
major snow shower started, both Mama and Papa flew off to the Western section of the territory, we
headed home for the evening.
March 6. Mama flew very high in the sky today in the central section of her territory on this very windy and
cold afternoon. We did not see Papa today.
March 7. Egg(s) in the nest? Today is the first day that Mama and Papa are now alternating turns sitting
on the nest and not leaving the nest vacant. The odds are that at least one egg is in the nest, we will
continue to watch and confirm these findings.
March 8. We were not able to search for our hawk family today.
March 9. We were not able to search for our hawk family today.
March 10. Papa tended to sitting on the nest this afternoon. Mama took a long break and ate a meal on a
chimney on top of an apartment complex. She stayed there for a long time after she finished eating.
Eventually she took off to the Easterly section of their territory and then proceeded back to toward the
area of the nest. She seemed to be surveying her territory to make sure all was safe.
March 11. One of our hawk parents was sitting in the nest we could not determine who. We were not able
to locate the other parent. However, from past experience they are typically not that far away.
March 12. It is very difficult to see our parent hawk in the nest as the sides of the nest restrict the view if
they are sitting low in the nest. We did not see the other parent today.
March 13. Papa visited the nest briefly late in the afternoon. He then flew off to the SW section of his
terrirtory for the evening. Mama stayed on the nest.
March 14. Mama returned to sit on the nest late this afternoon and Papa flew off to the East chasing
Pigeons. He appeared to be in pursuit of a meal.
March 15. Mama was out stretching her wings today circling over the general area of her nest. She
appeared to be looking for a meal as she drifted out of site to the South.
March 16. Today we had the privilege to see directly into the nest from a very safe vantage point not to
disturb the hawks. Mama must have been sitting in the nest for hours as she was completely covered with
2 inches of sleet on her entire back. Only her head was free from snow and sleet as the snow on her back
extended seamlessly out to cover the rest of the nest.
March 17. Mama spent the afternoon out of the nest as Papa relieved her and tending to the eggs. Mama
spent some time cleaning her feathers on an apartment roof antenna. She then proceeded to fly over the
general area of her nest looking for a meal.
March 18. Mama tended to the nest and Papa sat above her watching carefully from the roof of the
March 19.Papa stayed with the nest as Mama was searching for a meal in the Easterly section of their
territory. For a while she was harrassed by Crows, they eventually left her alone.
March 20. Mama tended to nesting this afternoon. Papa was flying in the central section of his territory at
one point he was being harassed by three crows.
March 21. Mama was sitting on the nest this afternoon and Papa kept a close eye on her. He sat above
her on the ledge of the building roof.
March 22-24. We were not able to search for our hawk family on these days.
March 25. Papa gave Mama a long break from sitting on the nest today. Mama spent a couple hours flying
around the central portion of her territory. She eventually landed in a sunny location on the roof of the
building with the nest. Mama worked on her feathers and soaked in the sun for 20 minutes and then
swapped places with Papa on the nest. Papa spent about 15 minutes nearby and then flew off most likely
for looking for a meal.
March 26.We were not able to search for our hawk family today.
March 27.We were not able to search for our hawk family today.
March 28.We could not find Papa this afternoon, so Mama was on her own. She had to defend her
territory from another red-tail hawk. Mama attempted to escort the intruder out of the area but it eventually
returned. A second encounter with Mama was successful at pushing the intruder out of the area. Mama
stayed on the top of a nearby tree to make sure that all was well before she returned to her nest for the
March 29. Papa was very active today. He spent hours keeping a close eye on the territory around the
nest site. A Cooper hawk entered the area and Papa escorted him away toward the West. Papa kept a
watchful eye on the Cooper to make sure it stayed away, there was never any direct confrontation
between the two. Mama stayed on the nest the entire afternoon, Papa circled overhead many times
throughout the day clearly checking on his mate. Later in the afternoon Papa caught a pigeon for dinner.
Once he completed his meal he went back out hunting again making numerous attempts although he did
not make a catch. He continued hunting as we left the area for the evening. He will most likely provide
Mama a meal and give her a break from sitting on the nest for the evening.
March 30-31. We were not able to search for our hawk family today.
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