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Jan 7, 2013: Mama and Papa are spending much more time together as we enter the pair bonding and nest building
season. I have found one of their potential nesting locations for the 2013 nesting season. The nest is being newly
constructed and has some small branches and twigs already in place. We wil lcontinue to monitor this nest and watch for
others they may start building.
Mar 13, 2014: Mama and Papa have been delayed in their nest building this season due to the lingering snow and ice.
They have completed their 2014 nest and as of today Mama is staying in the nest overnight.
Apr 10, 2014: Mama has been sitting on her nest now for four weeks. Please check out and "Like" my Facebook Page for
updates in your Newsfeed for news on the Hawks, upcoming photo workshops, conservation news and more.
Apr 18, 2014: Based on Mama's behavior at the nest today she most likely has had at least one hatch in the past few days.
Apr 23, 2014: We are hoping to be able to get the Hawkcam up and running this week to once again provide our 24x7 live
video feed as Mama and Papa raise their young over the next seven weeks. Stay tuned for further updates.
Apr 25, 2014: A visit to the nest this morning confirmed Mama and Papa have two Eyasses in the nest. Mama just
completed feeding her babies when I arrived, images to follow. I thought I may have briefly spotted a third eyas but I am not
certain at this time as it would have been sitting behind Mama and out of my view to be certain, we will need to wait and
May 2, 2014: A visit to the nest this morning confirms Mama and Papa have three Eyasses in the nest. I will post images on
this website soon. In the meantime nest images are viewable on my Facebook page,
May 7, 2014: The Hawkcam is almost ready to view the 2014 nest of Mama, Papa and their three Eyasses. Please check
back often.
May 12, 2014: The Hawkcam has returned to view the 2014 nest of Mama, Papa and their three Eyasses. Please click
here or follow the links to Hawkcam - Live Video.
May 14, 2014: Mama and Papa are feeding their babies numerous time throughout the day. Check the Hawkcam regularly
to observe the babies feeding or stretching their wings. Soon they will begin to test their wiings by flapping and to gain
strength as they grow. Also, please check out and "Like" my Facebook page for conservation news, wildlife photography,
migratory bird photographs and updates on workshops and other upcoming events
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December 06, 2014: Snowy Owls are arriving to our region, Mature and Immature Bald Eagles have also been in the local
area near Briarwood Queens the last few months. Please take a look at my
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Photography Workshops Schedules where we will meet up to observe these magnificent Raptors and go to interesting
places to learn about photography. On January 4, 2015 I will have a special Workshop where we will learn about and
photograph live wolves for more details and to register
click here for the Wolf Workshop. Mama and Papa continue to do
well occasionally having to deal with the Bald Eagles from time to time. Their three fledglings are also doing very well and
still hanging around the area. You can also check out my Facebook Page for more current happenings and images at
January 26, 2018: A Mature Bald Eagle pair continue to make Queens, NY their home. The first Eagle appeared in
September 2014 with the second Eagle joining it in 2015. I have posted a photograph of one of the Queens Bald Eagles at
the following link please take a look.
Queens, NY Bald Eagle Photograph
February 6, 2018: Mama and Papa have been spending more time together as the 2018 nesting season is approaching. I
will continue to monitor the pair as they will be selecting a nesting site and building their nest during the upcoming weeks.
Stay tuned for the return of the Hawkcam providing a unique view of Mama and Papa's nesting activities since 2007. Mama
and Papa are the oldest mated pair of Red-tailed Hawks in New York producing over 52 offspring over the past 24 years.
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Past News:
March 2019: Watching for Mama and Papa's nesting activity. More news to come.