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My exhibit of photographs of this hawk family will open at Queens College in the Benjamin S.
Rosenthal Library Rotunda on June 11. "The Urban Red-Tailed Hawk" will present a collection of
images captured over the last four years with an up-close perspective. Each year over time,
using diverse techniques and not interfering with the hawks, I have been able to gain more of the
trust of these incredible raptors, getting closer into their world, entering their inner circle.
Eventually, I have been able to get within six feet of them on a regular basis. Most of the images
were captured with lenses ranging from 50 to 200mm; a few of the higher flight images were
taken with a stronger lens.

Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library hours (identified as Rosenthal) of operation click here.

A campus map click here. The Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library is identified on the map as building
RO in the center at the West side of the campus.
The Urban Red-Tailed Hawk

Jeffrey Kollbrunner
June 11 – September 30, 2007
This exhibit has successfully concluded.

Admission is free and open to the public.
- New
Queens College has recently informed me that my photo exhibit has been extended.
"The Urban Red-Tailed Hawk" will now be on display through to September 28, 2007.