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July 4: I found the fledgling to the West of its nest sitting on a low branch in an Oak tree around 1pm. The fledgling was
active it played in the ivy below the tree walking on the ground, playing with twigs. It flew from one Cherry tree to the next in
the area. At 2pm it decided to take a rest in a tall Oak tree well hidden among many branches.
July 7: On a brief walk we discovered the fledgling in a Cherry tree, after about an hour it flew off and out of sight. We
didn't see Mama or Papa today.
July 9: Papa was soaring over his territory around 3:30pm this afternoon. We didn't see Mama or the fledgling.
July 11: I didn't see our hawk family today. Taking a path I hadn't used in a while I notice many rat bait warnings posted in
the area, not a good thing for our hawk family and other non-target species that could encounter this nasty stuff and die.
July 12: We found the fledgling in a Maple tree being harassed by a number of birds in the area, the fledgling didn't seem
to be bothered at all by the attention.
July 18: We spotted Mama soaring over the central section of her territory around non. We didn't see Papa or the fledgling.
July 19: Early this evening we spotted Mama sitting on the rooftop railing of one of her favorite tall apartment buildings.
The rest of the month of July we searched for the fledgling on most of the days but it became increasingly difficult to find
the fledgling, it seemed to be comfortable alone and most likely out of sight on apartment rooftops in the area. Many times
we were able to hear other bird species disturbed and focusing their attention to these rooftops. Unfortunately, we couldn't
see the entire rooftop area from our vantage points, however, we were fairly certain the fledgling was nearby.