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June 1:  It took a while to locate the fledgling this morning, I did see one of the parents hunting in the distance to the West
disturbing a flock of Pigeons. Eventually, I found it seeking shelter in the shadow cast by a security light trying to stay cool
from the hot sun. The fledgling is still on its new rooftop location to the West and continues to do well. This evening after
photographing the Raven nest where the three youngsters continue to look like they will be ready to leave the nest soon I
swung over to look for the Red-tailed hawk fledgling. I located it preening in the general area that I found it this morning. I
didn't see the parent this evening and it didn't seem that there was any food with the fledgling. Please see new images I
have posted in the
Nest Photos 2010 gallery page 3, more to come.
June 7:  The fledgling was sitting on a lamppost West of the nest when Papa delivered a rodent. The two of them flew to
the roof nearby where the fledgling began eating. I didn't see the fledgling or the parents this evening. The Ravens were
very quiet and inactive late this afternoon. I've added new images to the
Nest Photos 2010 Gallery page 3 and page 4.
June 2: Mama and the fledgling were on the West corner roof ledge late this afternoon as Papa circled overhead. It
appeared the fledgling had eaten well recently. The Ravens are all exploring the area outside of their nest and are doing
June 3: The fledgling was not very active today and was back on the roof West of the nest. The Ravens continue to
explore their space outside the nest, early in the evening one returned to the nest.
June 4: We could not find Mama, Papa or fledgling today. The Ravens are getting much more active outside their nest.
June 5: We could not find Mama, Papa or fledgling today. Two of the Ravens have ventured off their nest level, one made
it to the ground and back up to the nest level again. One was sitting on a home Satellite dish mounted only six feet off the
ground seeking shelter from the hot sun. Late in the day two of them were sitting in a nearby Pine tree and one by the nest.
June 6: After two days the fledging was sitting in an Oak tree near the building West of the nest. It had a very full crop from
a recent meal and looks really good. Two Ravens were sitting in a Pine tree near the nest and one was near the nest. All of
them were very vocal and the parents were playfully flying in the cool evening breeze.
June 21:  As I arrived near the nest Papa was sitting on a lamppost facing West and I figured a good sign that I would see
the fledgling. I searched the area for a good while and at the end of a very hot afternoon walk it seemed I was not going to
find the fledgling for the day. I decided to leave when heading back I spotted the fledgling on the roof of a stairwell to a
parking lot. Almost every angle of view in the area provided no view of the fledgling at this location except where Papa was
observing it from his lamppost. The fledgling is doing very well and shortly after finding it the fledgling flew over to a nearby
tree, the light was low and flat but I was able to get some nice images. The fledgling eventually flew over to where Papa was
sitting looking for its dinner. Within a few short moments the entire Hawk family provided a wonderful flight display in the
beautiful light of the setting sun. Papa joined Mama on a roof ledge and the fledgling landed near its nest where Papa left it
some food. Papa eventually flew off to hunt for more dinner and Mama stayed keeping an eye on her offspring. I will be
updating the last few weeks of June over the next few days and I have many new images of the fledgling and the Ravens
ready for posting so please check often for updated images.
June 22:  I was not able to search for our Hawk family today. Please see the new images of the fledgling added to the Nest
Photos 2010 Gallery on
Page 4 and Page 5. I have also started to add images to the new Ravens 2010 Gallery on Page 1,
with more images to come to both Galleries over the next few days please check back frequently.
June 23: The fledgling was very active in the late afternoon into the early evening today. At one point it demonstrated its
flight capability as it soared up to Mama where she was sitting on top of a 50 story building.
June 24: In the late morning and early afternoon the fledgling sat very near its nest for a couple hours. Late in the
afternoon the fledgling was sitting on a security lamp near its nest. After taking a few images the fledgling flew off to the
East where it joined Mama soaring. The two eventually flew off to the Southeast.
June 25: I was not able to find our hawk family this evening. I have added many new images to the Nest Photo 2010 and
Raven galleries.

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