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February 2:  The Immature Cooper's Hawk was hunting once again in the central section of Mama and Papa's territory.
February 5: An Immature Bald Eagle flew over the central section of Mama and Papa's territory it came out of the South
and flew to the Northwest. Mama and Papa were not in the area at the time.
February 14: Mama was sitting in a mature Oak tree overlooking one of her nests this afternoon. Later, Papa delivered a
freshly cut branch to Mama in a pair bonding ritual as they then sat together on an apartment building chimney. Today, I
found another one of the nests Mama and Papa are constructing. This one is much less developed than the other nest
they are working on to this point.
February 16: Mama and Papa were sitting on two different vantage points this morning about 100 feet apart and they were
keeping an eye on one of their nests.
February 12: Papa was delivering new nesting materials to his nest. There are many freshly cut branches that have been
added to this nest.
February 18: Mama and Papa are spending much more time near their nest.
February 19: Mama and Papa once again are spending significant time near and on their nest making final preparations.
While observing them to the West of their nest about 3pm an immature Bald Eagle appeared circling above Papa as he sat
on the top of an 18 story building. Mama did not seem very concerned about the Eagle as she flew about fifty feet above
the Eagle to keep an eye on it as it cruised through their territory, one could clearly see the extreme size difference
between the Red-tailed Hawk and the Immature Bald Eagle. I will post an image soon of the Bald Eagle.
February 20: A visit to the nest today, no eggs at this time. I am actively working to correct the issues with the Hawkcam
February 21: Another visit to the nest today, no eggs at this time. I am continuing to work to correct the issues with the
February 23: Mama and Papa continue to mate and stay near their nest. Mama roosted on her favorite fire escape this
February 25: Mama and Papa are spending more time sitting on their nest for fifteen to thirty minutes at a time. They both
seemed to enjoy soaring over their nest for long periods of time.
February 26: Mama and Papa spent s great deal of time nest their nest this afternoon. Papa delivered a meal to Mama at
the nest. She did not seem interested as she ate recently. So, Papa returned the meal to its previous location where they
were storing their food.
February 27: Today I restored the Hawkcam 24/7 video for the 2012 nesting season. Mama and Papa took turns sitting on
their nest this afternoon. When they were not in the nest a quick check revealed no eggs but a very complete looking nest.  
A number of new pine branches have been added to the nest bowl since this past Tuesday. Mama stayed on her nest late
this afternoon until just before dark when she flew out to roost.
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