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March 2: This evening Mama spent her first night on her new nest. She is in an upright position indicating that there are
no eggs at this time.
March 3: Mama is staying on her nest for the day and Papa has delivered food to Mama. She is laying in the nest
indicating an egg may have been laid.
March 4: Today it is clear that Mama and Papa have eggs in their nest! Papa delivered food to Mama late this afternoon
as Mama took the food to a nearby chimney to eat Papa stayed on the nest. Later in the day Mama returned to relieve
Papa from his nesting duties.
March 5: Mama continues to sit on her eggs, Papa is delivering food for Mama and the pair are taking turns sitting on the
eggs. I learned today that more trees are going to clearcut nearby to make way for yet another construction project, this
project is will be located directly in Mama and Papa's traditional training grounds over the years for their fledglings. There
will be very few mature trees left near this seasons nest and none left to branch out for their first fledge.
ALERT - This is
going to be a very dangerous season for the fledglings. The dangers Mama, Papa and their fledglings will endure this
season are: The Van Wyck Expressway expansion project still has four years plus prior to completion, heavy equipment,
construction materials, construction traffic and 37 rat poison stations for the Expressway project are distributed in the area,
many of these stations are located less than 75 yards from their nest, many are less than 75 feet from the nest. All the
mature trees near the nest have already been clearcut for this project. Now we have the above mentioned project and the
trees that will be cleared and probably more rat poison stations for this project.
March 1: Mama and Papa have started to rethink their nest and started rebuilding a nest they started earlier in the
season. Something earlier in the week on February 28 and 29 altered their attention from their completed nest.
March 9: Papa spent time with one of his fledglings from last season urging it to leave his territory. This is not the first time
Papa has had to his fledgling to move on to another area further from his nest.
March 6 through 8: Mama and Papa continue their daily activities tending to their nest
March 10: Papa spent time hunting nearby to the South of his nest as Mama continues to sit in the nest.
March 11: Papa delivered food (a rat) to Mama late this afternoon. A scary thought with all the heavy rat poison in the
area. Hopefully all will be well, please see the Alert in the March 5th posting. We have already lost four Red-tailed hawks in
NYC in the past month including Lima, Pale Male's mate of only one season. We ares still waiting on necropsy results to
determine cause of death in these cases.
March 12 - 20: During this time all has been fairly routine and quite as Mama and Papa continue to tend to their nesting
duties. The weather has been generally good and for the most part mild with minimal rain events. Papa seems to provide
Mama breaks and food between Noon and 2pm and between 5pm and 7pm. I have not been able to observe the morning
schedule at this time.
March 21: At 11:15am I observed Mama and Papa escorting two other Red-tailed hawks that appeared to be second year
and most likely their offspring from last season out of the area near the nest. Mama and Papa did not seem to be overly
concerned with this pair as they made their way off to the Northeast. Mama returned to her nest quickly and Papa stayed
around a bit longer.  All is fine at the nest. A Kestrel was also spotted early this afternoon.
March 22 - 31: During this time not much to report except the normal routines of the day. All appears to be well at the nest
as Mama and Papa continue to sit on the eggs. We hopefully will be relocating the Hawkcam soon.
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