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Five week old Red Tail Hawk Baby in the nest.
New York City Audubon
Talons! A Bird of Prey Experience
Our Red-Tail Hawk family has started to nest for the 2007 season. March 7th is the first day
that Mama and Papa began taking turns sitting on the nest and not leaving it unattended.
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Mama sitting on papa's favorite sunny Oak tree
branch after they mated today, February 4, 2007.
Mama (left) and papa (right) sitting together prior to
mating, February 4, 2007.
Papa sitting alertly in the late afternoon of 1/11/2007. Shortly after Papa flew off to get dinner for the evening. To
view additional images taken of Papa today please visit the Raptor Photo Gallery.
Female Red Tail Hawk (Mama) collecting nest material to construct her nest on March 20,
2006, Queens, N.Y.
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The first observed 2007 season mating of Mama and
Papa, February 4, 2007.
Papa (right) returns to Mama's side just after their first
observed mating of the season, February 4, 2007
RTH Nestcam 2007 - View live video of our
Red-Tail Hawk Family, Mama and Papa as they
raise their two youngsters in the nest click here.
Photo at Left: The two siblings
are now six weeks old. They have
grown significantly the last number
of weeks. It won't be very long
before they leave the nest and
enter our world.  
Red-Tail Hawk Nestcam 2007 Queens, NY
RTH Nestcam 2007 additional photos...
The first baby hawk photographs...
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One of the Youngsters left the nest between 11:45am and 12:10pm on 5/31. It has been
located and is doing just fine. The other sibling is still in the nest,
check the Hawkcam.
Photo Left, our fledgling doing fine. Additional images
from Sunday click here